A Tribute to the Hexagraph Fly Rod
Effective December 31, 2014, Hexagraph Fly Rod Co. has ceased operations.

This decision was made with many mixed emotions. It's been 23 years since I first ventured into the business of manufacturing fly rods and the ride has been a fun one. I sincerely appreciate the many loyal customers and also the many new friends that have come to me from this venture. Your testimonials over the years have continued to confirm my belief that the Hexagraph is a unique and exceptional fishing tool.

I am pleased that our product brought pleasure to so many.

Moving forward with Hexagraph would require a substantial new commitment of both time and money, and I am already past normal retirement age. As noted in earlier messages we've been exploring options for the construction of the Hexagraph blanks, and some of those efforts are still in the works, so our rod may not disappear from the ranks altogether. “Stay tuned” for news on that front.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience that you have all provided over the last quarter century.

Contact me for a list of remaining inventory at graydrake@comcast.net, Harry J. Briscoe

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