The Hexagraph Photo Gallery
Here's a nice note we received from Dr. David Burns, a professional fly-tyer, along with this shot of a big springtime rainbow:
"I've been fishing Hexagraphs since the early 1990s. I got my first two from Walton Powell in the old days and my last two directly from you. Last winter you made me a 10.5 foot 5/6 blank on which I built a switch rod that works great. Attached is a picture of a nice rainbow from this spring here in Idaho; an 8.5 foot Powell B-9 tapered 5 wt. worked just fine casting the heavy sculpin patterns and landing this heavy fish."
Long time Hex-lover Dave Burns sent this in – some early season success in Idaho.
That 10.5' Hexagraph is still performing. It throws weighted sculpins to the "local" rainbows like the one pictured well enough.
A h-uile là sona dhuibh 's gun là idir dona dhuib!
(May all your days be happy ones!)
Rick Franke of Houston shared this beautiful 22" cutthroat from the Dream Stream section of the South Platte in Colorado, along with his Hexagraph Classic.
Argentina sea-run Brown - 2011
"Mr. Hexagraph made short work of this 30 lb. King Hen; what a great rod!"
David Briscoe of Fort Worth Texas with a nice early season Colorado Rainbow - the graphite looking stick on the water in the background is his wading staff - the hat says it all!
I just got my latest Hexagraph - my third - in time for a quick trip to Colorado.  This one is an Elk Meadows, 3-pc., 6'6", 4/5  Wow, what a great rod!   I think I have a new favorite. That thing casts as far as my big rods and has no problem at all with the big fish. What a dream to use!
This fish was about average size for the day however the very next one was a bit bigger, unfortunately when I attempted to get a photo, my card was full and thought it better to get the fish back in the water. Really... no lie!
Hex owner Harry Briscoe on the Little Southwest Miramichi - Jim Repine, photo
A 12 lb. carp on a 6wt. Hexagraph using a white rabbit strip "bread-fly" - Mark T.M. ("thank you for such a quality product!"
John Scherrer, Webmaster for Hexagraph, with a nice Kenai River Dolly Varden. "Hexagraphs are simply the best!"
Terry Rathert with a beautiful Brown Trout!
Matt Rosser with his nice rainbow (we thought 23" or so - maybe 4#) from the North Platte.
Hex owner Mo Tidemanis with a "little" Argentina trout!
Traditional Custom Work
Mike Kulhawick, Hexagraph Dealer and Guide with a nice early season rainbow in Colorado.
The Natural
Boundary Waters Smallmouth - FISH ON!
The Traveler's Series - Patagonia Pair
RIGHT >> Rene Valenzuela from Chile - editor of several sporting magazines there - showing off his nice Hex hat (and incidentally a very large Atlantic Salmon from the Gaspe).
Jim Repine - international photographer and journalist and the World's No. 1 Hexagraph supporter casting a Classic on a secret spot in Chile.
Jim Repine - noted author and photographer with a fine Sea-run Brown from the Rio Gallegos in Argentina - Hexagraph 7-wt
Darin Colucci from Massachusetts took his brand new Hexagraph Presidential 7-wt. to Alaska and landed this fine rainbow.
The Hexagraph in action on Upper Rock Creek MT this afternoon.
"I've fished the Hex about fifteen times since the first of the year on the East Fork of the Bitterroot, the Bitterroot, and Upper Rock Creek. Fished it with flies from size 18 Griffith's Gnat, as in the picture, to a tandem of a size 8 weighted golden stone nymph trailing a midge larva pattern under an indicator, all on a WF4F line (except I do use a DT5F in windier conditions ).
The Hex is everything I hoped for - from cosmetics and finish, to casting, to landing the trouts - cutts, cuttbows, browns and bows - and mountain whitefish. Finally got a picture with a great looking fish showing off the rod properly." - John