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As a Holiday gift from us to all our loyal customers and friends, all Hexagraph Fly rods are offered at unprecedented discounts from now until Christmas. Click Santa or link beside him for details. these rods are all finished and available for immediate shipment.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Chances are, curiosity brought you here to learn about these exceptional fly rods. You've come to the right place! We've got alot of information here for you: information that should answer your questions and, we hope, excite you to add a new rod to your arsenal. Please take your time, click through our web pages and learn about this unique alternative to hollow tubular fly rods. I'm betting you will be impressed.

I'll save the "sales pitch" for later.

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builds exceptional, unique fly rods.
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We offer some fine options and a few accessories, but basically, we want to put a new casting experience into your hands. If we manage to do that, we are confident you will become yet another convert to the joy of traditional excellence in casting performance that so many others have now discovered.

Let me suggest you get started by reading our Promises and Suggestions page, and then wander from there.

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